Exa Bytes Network Sends Me A Cheque

Got a cheque from Exa Bytes Network for promoting their web hosting packages, via their “Angel” affiliate programme. That amount you see, however, is the total from 2006, which in short means I haven’t been earning much from them. In any case, money is still money and I am grateful for the cheque. Already cashed it into my bank account and it was used as part of the payment for my Blue Beauty.

The Blue Beauty

I bought this Acer Aspire series notebook some 24-hours ago. For the price (RM2888, which includes some accessories) and considering its specs — Intel i7 second-generation, dedicated video graphics card with 2GB and 4GB DDR3 RAM — it was definitely a deal-breaker. Originally I was thinking of a lower-end model, but that price was certainly within my affordability range. In any case, it has the ideal specifications I needed and most importantly, it’s future-proof.