About Me, Myself And I

I have the .com, .org and .net TLDs of this domain name, so this .info domain is just another addition towards consolidating full rights to my personal “branding”. Why, you may ask? Well, until quite recently, someone has been going around impersonating me, using this rarely used moniker, “Ibn Juferi”. The sole intention was to defame me and give me a bad reputation online.

While this troll has been successfully banished from YouTube and Twitter (after the several imposter accounts at those sites were duly reported by yours truly), I felt that it was necessary to start buying up domain TLDs with the brand name “Ibn Juferi”, even though I had not identified this name with myself (until this recent incident with the imposer). I could then put my hard-earned skills in SEO to the test by building backlinks to this site and target the SERPs for the keyword “Ibn Juferi”, thereby quashing any future attempt by this imposter to sabotage my brand and make himself visible online.

Hence, Ocular Perspectives is born.